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The 4 tips for creating an online store

We think it's important to offer an interesting and simple shopping journey to our consumers. The important thing: find what they need in one click!

Here are some tips for creating an online store that's fun to browse:

1. Organize your products

It is very important to organize your e-shop correctly, to classify them according to categories that are intelligible. For example, put red wines with reds, whites with whites or organic with organic.

If you work according to ranges (like us with Terroirs): the products must be grouped.

You can also create product categories that will serve as a filter thanks to the CMS you use.

You can just as well think about price positioning, or values ​​​​(wines from friends, organic wines, natural sweet wines) or even tastes (tannic, spicy or sweet)...

The most important thing is to keep a logical frame!

2. Show consistent visuals


Your visuals should reflect the quality of your products and the values ​​you instill in them! Also, it is necessary to make visuals that pay tribute to the quality of your products: sharp, well-framed photos.

“And above all, you have to be honest with the consumer: once in the consumer's hand, the product must match the visual on your website! There's no point in cheating!”

We recommend showing the product alone with its packshot and also the product in action with a moodshot (above with a photo of JC).

Small tip: when it comes to wine, it can be a nice, well-laid table (stay in accordance with the Evin law)!

3. Properly describe your products

When it comes to wine, you have to be specific about the taste of the juice and translate it by making comparisons. You can describe it by taking intelligible tastes: sour, fatty bitter or flavors: cherry, melon, mango…. The important thing is to reassure the consumer about what he will have in his mouth and to make the purchase intelligible.

Feel free to show tasting notes!

4.Offer interesting offers

On your eshop, do not hesitate to offer “discovery” offers or to group products from the same range by creating packs so that consumers can discover different wines and which can match their tastes For example, we offer a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir in the Hors Pistesrange to show our style and enhance two emblematic grape varieties of French vineyards (kings in Burgundy and Champagne).
Don't forget an e-shop must also reflect your personality, your values ​​and above all it must be easy to use!