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4 social media content tips

At Aubert & Mathieu we share our experience of network management with you and we offer you some tips for choosing the right content for the right network:

Here are the 4 tips from Aubert & Mathieu

Rule number 1: Define your message.

Before anything else, the most important thing is to identify your main message. You have to be able to sum it up in a short sentence, because as the famous mantra goes: "what you conceive well is clearly stated and the words to say it come easily." »

Assume that a lot of content is produced every day your message must be mastered and easy to integrate, you must capture the reader's attention in two seconds.

What are you announcing: an important event for your company, the release of a new product, the arrival of a new member in your team, bad news (unfortunately it happens)?

Always think that your reader has very little time for you. Be direct but not brutal!

Rule number 2: Adapt the tone according to the chosen channel.

Jean-Charles Mathieu (…) is the man for the job, he is in charge of business development for the company. Full of imagination, he always has a surprising expression. He is the inventor of the Aubert & Mathieu slogan: “Make the vines move!”

For Jean Charles, Aubert & Mathieu “is a new professional start full of promise! »

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Social networks are excellent communication channels. However, you must clearly identify which ones are suitable for your message. We offer you different themes for different channels.

  • Linkedin: News about your business, content for peers, innovation announcement, serious article, advice for your network.

  • Instagram: daily life, new product announcement, event announcement, corporate moment staging.

  • Facebook: announcing an event, or a new product, daily life, staging a moment of the company

  • Youtube: announce an event, or a new product, report, vlog, masterclass, give your opinion, give advice...

  • Tiktok: surfing trends effectively to educate your consumers about your product or your activity, with an offbeat & fun tone.

Rule number 3: Choose the right format.

Once the channel has been chosen and the message has been selected, you must also choose which format: an article, a short video, a long video, a photo?

You have to look at what the selected platform offers and choose what you want. Do you prefer an ephemeral or permanent publication? Do you want to sponsor this post or not?

Rule number 4: Diversify your content

If the platforms offer you different content, you must make sure to play with all of these funds. This will boost you in the algorithm and also it will allow your consumers to discover new facets of your company and its personality.

For example Instagram offers you to make guides, this is a great opportunity to present your products or your vision or to give feedback on an important event for your company. At the same time, this network also offers reels which is a format similar to Tiktok videos to show a friendlier side of your business. Youtube will allow it to host your longer videos in excellent quality, enough to retrace an event or tell a story.