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ECOLOGI: A step towards a more sustainable world

At Aubert & Mathieu, we believe that the world of tomorrow is being built today.

We want to contribute to global carbon neutrality. It also starts by decarbonizing our actions.

We have joined ECOLOGI an American association which aims to reduce global carbon production to avoid the harmful effects of GHGs. To achieve this, the company is carrying out three main actions:


ECOLOGI is starting reforestation actions in different countries around the world such as Mozambique, Madagascar, or Indonesia.

Every year, we contribute to these large-scale reforestation projects. To give an idea, every day we plant a tree.


ECOLOGI goes further and offers projects that enable so-called “green” energy conversion.

For example, the association is leading a wind farm construction project t20> in India in order to help green energy development for local populations. By joining ECOLOGI, we support this type of project which allows the energy independence of different countries.


ECOLOGI also encourages everyday actions and offers various challenges to be carried out in due time such as: walking to your workplace or using public transport, eating seasonal fruits and vegetables or even no longer buying fast fashion. The association explains that every little everyday gesture counts. We can thus take on challenges that involve every everyday act.

The ECOLOGI association also makes it possible to measure the impact of its membership through a tree counter, carbon reduction and climate involvement. Also, she offers meaningful metaphors that explain what our action for the climate amounts to alongside her. In addition, profiles are accessible online which allows you to act with complete transparency!