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Inspiration, creativity, and a little fantasy led us to create these great wines from: Corbières, Terrasses du Larzac, Cote du Roussillon Village and Minervois la Livinière.

We wanted to work on the duality between traditional and modern styles. Traditional by trust, the essential value of men who work the vineyard and in the continuity of their knowledge. Modern through our creativity, curiosity, and desire to do things differently.

It seemed very important, to inject meaning into this project, to start from elements that directly represent Languedoc Roussillon. The labels are based on Fréderic Bazille’s paintings, a nineteenth-century regional painter, a precursor of the impressionist movement. He is considered to be one of the greatest artists from the region.

Our desire was to model and appropriate these images by altering them to bring a visual surprise. Then we added extracts of recent images  to cover the old fragments to bring a touch of modern flair.

The final result is a tear and a fragmentation of the image, like the richness of a terroir found, reassembled and bottled.


Languedoc Roussillon vineyards are located in a Mediterranean climate that can be very hot in the summer, so we favored the selection of vineyards at higher altitudes to preserve freshness and promote complexity.

Our wines come from the best vineyards in the region and allow us to highlight the nuances and singularities of each appellation.