Languedoc Roussillon’s viticultural history started with the Greeks and then passed to the Romans who developed it further.  Since then, this activity still occupies a predominant place in the region’s economy.

The strength of this vineyard is its diversity of climates, soils and grape varieties also known as “le terroir” that makes it possible to produce wines with various profiles.  Its as if all the worlds wine regions were concentrated into this small area !

Our emblematic grape varieties are Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and other more secondary varieties such as Malbec, Touriga Nacional or Nebbiolo.

Here, we can have fun creating many diverse wines !


Our aim is to offer wines with complex profiles while preserving a certain freshness. The selection work is performed throughout the year and particularly during harvest. We identify the best wines but especially those that will bring a special touch “un je ne sais quoi” to our future blend. We source from young, dynamic and ambitious wine growers, but also from the most recognized wineries.

No contract links us to the wine growers, we have flexibility to choose the best fruit&juice.

The Languedoc Roussillon vineyard benefits from an exceptional climatic condition that allows our wine growers to utilize  viticulture practices that respect the environment. Most of the producers we source wines from are certified organic farmers, but we do not claim any specific certification.


Harvest and sorting is done by hand on most of our creations, early in the morning to preserve the freshness of the grapes. For fermentation the key is to allow nature to do the work. We have minimal manipulation of the must, use preferred indigenous yeasts, and strict temperature control. Our wines are then aged in tank or in French oak according to the desired flavor profile.


To build our blend we start by determining the wine’s profile we want to create. Then we collect all the pre-selected samples that we taste separately to identify specific characteristics. The goal of the game here is to find the complementarity between each sample. Each of our wines is the result of a blend of several grape varieties from several different parcels. We are convinced that this diversity of juice offers the greatest aromatic complexity. Once our blend is created we then taste it after a few weeks to follow its evolution and potential.


Often friends join us at this stage, true to our goal of making wine that brings people together ! There is no magic recipe for aging, choices are made according to the blend and its characteristics with the goal of offering wines ready to drink. Some blends are aged in concrete vats, for other complex wines we use barrels of one, two or three wines and which sometimes have already been used for white wines.