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Image Aubert & Mathieu - Jean Charles Mathieu et Anthony Aubert - Dégustation, Sélection, Assemblage dans les locaux de la marque de vin- Les vins de Aubert & Mathieu

❝ Tired of our respective professional lives, we left everything to pursue a slightly crazy dream: to create wines like us, a little unconventional and offbeat

Anthony Aubert et Jean Charles Mathieu - Créateur de la marque Aubert & Mathieu - Photo dans les locaux de la marque, les deux fondateurs tenant une bouteille chacun de leur cuvée originale - Vin rouge minervois

Anthony Aubert
& Jean-Charles Mathieu.

Anthony is the explorer of the team. He became passionate about wine during his studies, after meeting an oenologist. It's a real revelation! He decides to turn his passion into his job. With his master's degree in wine trade in hand, he spent 6 years between Asia and New York working for wine importers before returning to France and embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Back in Carcassonne, his hometown, to carry out his project. Anthony relies on his reasoned intuition and his taste for adventure to produce high-quality, colorful wines!

Jean-Charles is the man to think, a bit of a dreamer. Coming from a family of merchants, he has been introduced to entrepreneurship since his earliest childhood. As a young graduate of ESCP, he joined a large Parisian company for 4 years. He gradually gets tired of these large organizations that leave little room for his creativity. He therefore decided to return to one of his greatest passions, wine.

He left the capital to reconnect with his native region to which he never ceased to be attached. He lets himself be tempted by Anthony's project of making wine differently!

We want to change the way of producing wine.

We believe in viticulture that conveys meaning, by producing red wines,whites wines,rosé wines from thebest appellations of Languedoc Roussillon. We think all of our production to be eco-responsible!

Our Languedoc Roussillon wines are part of an eco-conscientious approach: carbon neutrality, support biodiversity, eco-designed packaging.

This commitment is evident from the vine to the bottle with organic or in-conversion wines.

Together we want to move the vines, to contribute to a more authentic, transparent, sustainable world. For all of us!

We are in faveur drinking less and better!

We believe that wine should free itself from its codes to be accessible and understandable for all those who wish to discover this universe.

To do this, we are implementing impactful communication and giving consumers all the necessary advice to discover wine world or taste our cuvées in the best conditions.

We are creating awine blog to bring you additional knowledge and tips for that youcan have the best experience.

Advice on the wine world. How to open a bottle of wine? How to make mulled wine? Also food and wine pairings. What wine with oysters? Which wine with a veal blanquette?

Together, we want to move the lines, to contribute to a world that is more authentic, transparent and durable. ❞

Récolte de raisin - Aubert & Mathieu