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Carbon neutral

Wines certified by environmental
labels such as
Organic Agriculture or HVE.
In 2022, 70% of our cuvées will be
certified by an environmental label.

Sustainable viticulture

Each year we establish
our carbon footprint and offset our emissions by financing reforestation plans and humanitarian projects through the ECOLOGI association.

Supports biodiversity

Recycled and
lightweight glass bottles, sustainable caps,
certified labels and boxes
Imprim Vert and FSC.

Eco-responsible packaging

Protecting local biodiversity via the AMPA association, which works to preserve bees in Languedoc Roussillon.

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Languedoc Roussillon wines: between balance, freshness, fruit, complexity and altitude.

Our mission: To shake the lines.

To contribute together to a more authentic, transparent and sustainable world.

Responsible and original, the Aubert & Mathieu creations resonate with anyone in need of renewal in the wine world.