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Palooza wines, an art of living.

More than a name, Palooza is the art of having an unforgettable time. Palooza is the roséof the best and most unexpected memories.

It is the ideal wine for all your moments of spontaneous conviviality, such as a packed lunch on the page with friends.

The ideal rosé wine for summer.

The illustration that adorns its label sends out goods vibes. It perfectly represents the spirit of Palooza rosé: softness, spontaneity and joy.

Ode to the beauty of Languedoc Roussillon. The palooza rosé label immerses you in one of the simplest, most unique and magical moments of summer: a sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

For this label, a collage with unambiguous shapes and gradients of sea blue and sunset pink were enough to express the atmosphere in which we wanted to immerse you.

Blue , capsule and label, creates an interesting contrast with the color of our juice.

Delightfully rosé, the sky recalls the color of the wine. This color predicts the organoleptic characteristics of this wine, which offers aromas of summer fruits.