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NFTs and the world of wine

What are NFTs?

NFT tags, a non-fungible token in French, are certificates of authenticity assigned to a digital work. In French, you are the owner of a digital work. It is simply a digital “object” recorded in a blockchain. The difference with a Bitcoin is that you cannot distinguish one Bitcoin from another, whereas an NFT is unique!

Intrigued by this new technology, Aubert & Mathieu issues a collection of NFT giving the right to its purchaser to be able to drink our cuvées. The acquisition of a token on the Opensea platform gives the right to benefit from a box of six bottles of wine delivered to your home in Metropolitan France. The first issue is the Pablo Maria Corbières 2019 red wine in a limited edition of 250 copies.

What are the advantages of the Aubert & Mathieu NFT? With this NFT, in addition to a work unique, you get a box of wine in return: a case of six bottles of wine. This gives a particular utility to this NFT unlike other initiatives that can be 100% digital.

NFT de Aubert & Mathieu - Etiquette NFT collection Aubert & Mathieu - Le NFT et le vin

How to buy an Aubert & Mathieu NFT?

There are several steps before acquiring an NFT, we will distinguish two scenarios:

1. You have a cryptocurrency wallet (ex: Metamask)

You are already familiar with cryptocurrencies, so you can go directly to the link Opensea below to acquire the NFT.

2. You don't have a cryptocurrency wallet

Step 1.How to install MetaMask on your browser. To create a new wallet, I advise you to follow the site following which explains all the steps.

Step 2. Filling your Crypto wallet. To do this, you need to send a crypto, ETH in this case, to your Metamask wallet. One of the easiest ways is to feed it directly on Metamask or to create a Coinbase account. You can deposit Euros there with your bank card and convert them into Ether. Once the transformation is done, you can send them directly to your Metamask wallet by copying the address of your wallet.

Step 3. Once Metamask is installed and fed with cryptocurrency, you just need to go to Opensea below and synchronize your wallet, the process is very simple and will allow you thus to have an account on Opensea, nothing more! However be careful, do not lose your Metamask account password, because you will lose all access to Opensea at the same time.