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The Crew: a joyful and unconventional encounter.

Kate, Amy & Suzy are artists from the end of the 19th century. Amy is a bold American actress who has often worked for advertising campaigns. While Kate is a classic dancer from the Paris Opera.

Different destinies, their fictional meeting also symbolizes the encounter between the excellence of the Old World and the originality of the New World of wines. These friends' wines bring together the best of both worlds!

Nature speaks for itself in the dresses of KATE and AMY and Suzy, by the presence of foliage. pop colors, such as yellow, purple and orange, break up the classic side of their outfits and lead us into a non-conformist and colorful universe!

The wines of friendly friends of the environment.

Organic wines, certified Organic Agriculture, the white KATE cuvées Sauvignon Blanc and AMY in Red Grenache - Syrah are uninhibited and Suzy Chardonnay.

They represent the excellence of friends' wines. These white wines and this red wine can be enjoyed for any occasion and invite themselves to your table when you are with friends or with family.

The packaging of these wine bottles is completely eco-designed and is environmentally friendly.You can discover our commitments here