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How to accompany an asparagus starter?

Quel vin boire avec une entrée aux asperges ?

Fresh asparagus, celery mousseline, candied egg yolk, goat’s cheese: the start of your summer. Chef Taparel transports you into his colorful world and we give you a little advice on the wine to drink with this dish.

Chef Pierre Taparel strikes once again and delights the Aubert & Mathieu team. As we love you, we decided to offer you this recipe that is as original as it is delicious.

The ingredients for this fresh and spring starter:

  • White & green asparagus (8)
  • Vegetable broth
  • Celery ball (1/2)
  • Egg
  • Fresh goat’s cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Salted soy sauce
  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Salt/pepper
  • The chef's good gestures:

    • Cook the asparagus in vegetable broth for 6 minutes. Then cool them in iced water.
    • Finely cut and cook the celery balls in a mixture of water, milk and cream. Season & mix. Then, reserve in a pastry bag. This will give a creamy consistency and will nicely decorate your plate.
    • Whip the fresh goat's cheese, don't forget to season it well by incorporating cream gradually to obtain a creamy texture. Reserve in a pastry bag.
    • Clarify the egg then place the yolk in a ramekin and cover it with soy sauce until ready to prepare your plate.
    • Cut the asparagus lengthwise then create a checkerboard pattern. Arrange the candied yolk delicately in the center of the plate & arrange it as you wish.

    Quel vin boire avec une entrée aux asperges ?

    What wine to drink with asparagus?

    We recommend our petit rosé Palooza, because it is aromatic while remaining light. It will allow you to preserve the finesse of the asparagus in the mouth while enhancing the dish with its citrus flavors.

    It’s a rosé that knows how to pair delicately with dishes.

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    Quel vin boire avec une entrée aux asperges ?