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How to properly store a white wine, before and after opening?

You are probably wondering about thestorage to adopt fora white wine before

t14>and after opening.As a reminder, white wines are not designed to be stored long term, unlike red wine. In this article,we will give you our tips for properly preserving the aromas of white wine.

What precautions should you take to store your white wine?

A white wine must beprotected from sunlight, it must be stored in acellar or in adark room. Temperatures must be between10 and 14 degrees for a white wine.

After opening your white wine, you should know that it will have a fairly short shelf life. On average, a white wine can be kept three days after the first tasting. So it is best toput the cap back on your opened bottle and store it in a refrigerator or in a cave, otherwise, it oxidizes on contact with air.

Last tip: You can lay down the bottle of white wine is the solution to prevent the cork from drying out. If you are in the situation where you have not managed to store your white wine or it is corked, you can consult this article.

Did you know?

Nowadays, red wine bottles are tinted while white wines are in transparent containers. However, at a certain time, bottles of white wine were green, for better conservation of the wine. Ultimately, white wines followed the style of rosé to better discern the hue of the different vintages and for marketing reasons.

Now you know all the best practices for storing your bottles of white wine and preserving their aromas! Now, it's time to stock up! Take a look at our vintages and complete your cellar with the white wines of Aubert & Mathieu.

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