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We say goodbye to capsules!

We have decided to end the use of over-capping caps on our bottles, in application for all new bottlings since September 2023. 🍾

Why this decision?

- The capsule does not contribute to the preservation of the wine; it is only used for marketing purposes, especially since our capsule is black and does not provide any significant benefit. ❌🍷

- It is not recyclable due to its mixture of plastic and aluminum. 🚫🔄 - We are a company committed to CSR and we must improve our sustainability. 🌱🏆

- In accordance with the plans of the European Union, which aims to eliminate compulsory capsules and lightweight bottles in the medium term, we anticipate future policies in this area. 🇪🇺📅

- Previously, the capsule displayed the Marianne, thus attesting to the payment of duties. Since 2019, this Marianne is no longer mandatory, the duties are now paid electronically for each shipment. The Marianne then becomes useless.

Let's join forces to make the wine industry more sustainable! 🌍🍇