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Kisumé, the sparkling and alcohol-free alternative!

Ideal for an aperitif, celebrations or simply for pleasure, Kisumé is the perfect choice for festive moments without alcohol. Whether for a special event or for a moment of relaxation, Kisumé brings a touch of sophistication and lightness.


Anticipate the wave without alcohol!

Be ahead of the alcohol-free trend with Kisumé! Meet the growing demand for an alcohol-free lifestyle and be the number one choice for health-conscious consumers

Pleasure without guilt!

Forget high-calorie drinks! Kisumé is five times less caloric than asoda! Take the opportunity to offer a drink that pairs perfectly with the current wellness trend.

Revolutionize celebrations!

Transform your customers' experience with Kisumé! Offer all your customers, whatever their reasons for avoiding alcohol, a sophisticated, festive option that goes far beyond ordinary soda.